Tuesday, March 23, 2010

MPs Warn Government on Science Cuts

The House of Commons Science and Technology Committee are today publishing a report warning the government that spending cuts on science and scientific research could damage the Economy and British Science in the coming years.

Releasing this report one day before the final budget of the current governmental term, the committee are asking the government to keep spending in line with policy. Phil Willis MP (Lib Dem), the committee chair said, "The Government's policy ambitions are at odds with its actions. On the one hand it champions supporting business investment in research and development, while on the other it announces cuts which threaten the very science base that underpins such businesses. We hope that the Budget will contain good news for science funding. Anything less has potentially devastating consequences for science in the UK."

The Pre-Budget Report in December 2009 announced that £600 million would be cut from higher education and science and research budgets by 2012-13.

The report is here (262KB)...

The press release is here...


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  4. Don't know why the cuts on education. Well I guess there is no voice in that sector.